The coronavirus and working from home

The coronavirus and working from home

Date 03-12-2020
Author: Lars

Before 2020, if someone would have said that everyone would wear masks on the street and we would live in a lockdown to prevent the spread of a global pandemic in the near future, you would have called them crazy. Unfortunately, that is the situation we do find ourselves in today. From smaller consequences like not being able to go to dinner anymore to more serious effects, everyone has been affected by the virus in one way or another. People travel around less and because of this, a lot of people are working from home as well. But, how do you transfer your files from your work computer to your home office? There are multiple ways, and one of the most conventional methods is using USB sticks. Why would you choose USB sticks instead of any of the other methods? Well, we have listed some advantages below.


You don’t need passwords

If you are anything like me, you sometimes forget important things. One of those important things can be the password to your cloud accounts, for instance. And if you don’t have the passwords, good luck completing any work! Using USB sticks completely negates this problem, allowing you to save and transport files from one place to another easily. Just don’t forget your USB stick…


Your files are safe from hacks

In the same line of reasoning as the previous point, not using cloud accounts also greatly reduces the risk of unauthorised parties accessing your files. Predominantly using physical ways of storing files makes you a lot less likely to be the victim of hackers, who will use your files in one way or another. There is no safer alternative to storing your sensitive information and files than using a USB stick.


Large amount of storage space for one price

USB sticks also offer various degrees of storage space. Obviously the sticks that offer more space are more expensive, but you only have to purchase them once. Buy a large one and you can use it for years, instead of using free cloud services with limited storage space or large cloud services that require a subscription.


They can be branded

Another major advantage is of course that you can use USB sticks as promotional items! Print your logo on the sticks and offer them as gifts to your clients or employees. They will see your logo every time they use the stick, and they will remember your business and how it is helping them.


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