What is the best way to brand your promotional item

What is the best way to brand your promotional item

Date 20-11-2017
Author: Jessica

Promotional items such as customized USB Sticks can be very helpful in supporting your marketing strategy. A well-considered use of advertising material can increase your brand awareness greatly and ensure that your products and services are purchased and used by the customer. But how can you brand your promotional item in the most efficient way?

How to design the promotional item?

The majority of our clients would initially choose to put the company logo on all promotional items and give-aways. Of course, it is advisable to use your logo when targeting potential customers or if your goal is more brand awareness. However, always pay attention to how big the company logo is displayed on the promotional product. On the one hand, a large logo print naturally increases your brand awareness, on the other hand, your promotional product may be less frequently used by your audience due to the large exposure of the logo. Therefore, we suggest to integrate your logo in the most sophisticated way. As a consequence, your target audience will enjoy using your promotional items in their everyday life.

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What can be applied on the promotional item?

There are many options on what to put on your device: your logo or your website, your name or your address and telephone number or a specific campaign or even a QR-code. Different coverings have different effects on your target audience. The logo is a great way of exposing your brand and increases your brand awareness. Placing your website on the promotional item is a smart way to increase traffic and visitors on your website. The placement of your name, address and telephone number is a nice idea for consultants, doctor’s offices or independent individual companies which will lead to bigger awareness and attention amongst potential clients. In case your company hosts a campaign, you can dramatically increase awareness in combining it with promotional goods. A great way to increase the brand awareness and brand recognition is to include the slogan of your company on the promotional item that is most suitable to create the specific desired brand image.


How can Incentive Europe implement the best outcome?

Once our in-house designers receive your request, specific wishes and briefing, the creative and part of the process gets started. With the know-how of latest developments and design, our designers give their best to provide you with the best solution. But in return, you can also help our designers to work as efficiently as possible with providing the right material for their work. It is good to e.g. provide a logo, but even better to provide us with the logo in the format that we can best work with as well as good quality of the file to deliver excellent results. Provide us with the desired information you would like to have on your promotional goods, no matter if logo, website, slogan or name and send us the right format!             

  • Formats: Ai / EPS / PSD / PDF
  • Alternative formats: JPEG / PNG with a resolution of 1000x1000 px

Don’t worry if you don’t have Ai, EPS, PSD or a PDF file at the moment. You can always hand in later the correct file after you have received a digital mock-up with your own USB or other promotional item. Remaking a logo from JPEG / PNG to a Ai / EPS file is also possible, unless the logo is too complicated. Please contact us for more information.


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