PMS colours

Personalised USB stick with your own PMS colours

Alongside logo printing, we are happy to manufacture your USB sticks in your own corporate colours. This provides the USB stick with individual appeal and increases the added value of your business gift. Almost all of our USB stick models are available in PMS colours.


Why PMS?

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. By using the Pantone colour charts you can match your company colours exactly to those of your USB stick. You will provide us with the desired PMS codes and our printers will ensure that the printing has the colour quality you are used to. However, never assess colours on your computer screen. Every screen will display colours differently due to different colour settings.





 Advantages of your owns PMS colours

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Nathan Pereira

Really great experience. Great staff, fast delivery, great product. Will definitely use again in the future


Good - polite, timely, helpful, good value

Mr. Polys Polykarpou

It is the second time dealing with your company. I have a very positive opinion about the company. Quality of product, prices and service are in a very high standard.


Generally good, repeat buyer

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