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Twister USB-stick
Mini silver
Mini silver USB-stick
Oasis USB-stick
Key USB-stick
Credit card
Credit card USB-stick
Bracelet USB-stick
Cayman USB-stick
Pixel USB-stick
Custom 3D
Custom 3D USB-stick
Water bottle 500 ml
Water bottle 500 ml Promotional gifts
Electronic lighter
Electronic lighter Promotional gifts
3-in-1 charger
3-in-1 charger Promotional gifts
On-ear headphones
On-ear headphones Promotional gifts
BIC lighter
BIC lighter Promotional gifts
BBQ lighter
BBQ lighter Promotional gifts
Gas lighter
Gas lighter Promotional gifts
Thermos water bottle
Thermos water bottle Promotional gifts
USB hub | 4 ports
USB hub | 4 ports Promotional gifts
USB Hub | Bamboo
USB Hub | Bamboo Promotional gifts
A7 notebook
A7 notebook Promotional gifts
Aluminum USB hub
Aluminum USB hub Promotional gifts
USB hub with led lamp
USB hub with led lamp Promotional gifts
Bamboo charger
Bamboo charger Promotional gifts
A5 classic notebook
A5 classic notebook Promotional gifts
A6 Notebook Cork
A6 Notebook Cork Promotional gifts
A5 notebook Bamboo
A5 notebook Bamboo Promotional gifts
Mineral Powerbank
Jungle Slim
Jungle Slim Powerbank
Slim Z2
Slim Z2 Powerbank
Essential Powerbank
Curve Powerbank
Jungle Raft
Jungle Raft Powerbank
10k Powerbank
Pocket Powerbank
Slim Z1
Slim Z1 Powerbank
Extra strong
Extra strong Powerbank
Digital 10k
Digital 10k Powerbank
Incentive USB-stick
Paper clip
Paper clip USB-stick
Postcard USB-stick
Eco USB-stick
Coin USB-stick
Italic USB-stick
Lego USB-stick
Token USB-stick
Manhattan USB-stick
Green USB-stick
Oregon USB-stick
Classic Oslo
Classic Oslo USB-stick
Pixel USB-stick
Slap Bracelet
Slap Bracelet USB-stick
Washington USB-stick
Pen USB USB-stick
Classic Paris
Classic Paris USB-stick
Twister Plus
Twister Plus USB-stick
Venture Promotional gifts
Dynamic Promotional gifts
Classic Rome
Classic Rome USB-stick
Heavy Eddy
Heavy Eddy USB-stick
Touch pad
Touch pad USB-stick
The drop
The drop USB-stick
Everest USB-stick
Iron hide
Iron hide USB-stick
Gate USB-stick
Dark Tornado
Dark Tornado USB-stick
Black forest
Black forest USB-stick
Jungle USB-stick
Oasis premium
Oasis premium USB-stick
Rain forest
Rain forest USB-stick
Sandy USB-stick
Vino USB-stick
Viking USB-stick
Twister oasis
Twister oasis USB-stick
Mini wood
Mini wood USB-stick
Mini gold
Mini gold USB-stick
Icon USB-stick
Cohiba USB-stick
Capsule plus
Capsule plus USB-stick
Clara USB-stick
Dog Tag
Dog Tag USB-stick
Industrial USB-stick
Luxor USB-stick
Megaton USB-stick
Mirage USB-stick
Opener USB-stick
Slide USB-stick
Wine bottle
Wine bottle USB-stick
Gold classic
Gold classic USB-stick
Battery USB-stick
Champagne USB-stick
Pod USB-stick
Sphera USB-stick
Capsule USB-stick
Hand Spinners
Hand Spinners Promotional gifts
Hand spinner LED
Hand spinner LED Promotional gifts
iPhone cases
iPhone cases Promotional gifts
Samsung Cases
Samsung Cases Promotional gifts
Huawei cases
Huawei cases Promotional gifts
HTC cases
HTC cases Promotional gifts
LG cases
LG cases Promotional gifts
Atlas Box
Atlas Box Promotional gifts
Rain Box
Rain Box Promotional gifts
Touch box
Touch box Promotional gifts
Selfie Box
Selfie Box Promotional gifts
Monitor Box
Monitor Box Promotional gifts
Easy Box
Easy Box Promotional gifts

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Branded USB-stick with logo and/or slogan

USB Stick Producer offers an extended assortment USB sticks! Our range consists of USB sticks with a capacity of 32 MB up to 32 GB and even 256 GB on selected items. USB sticks have taken, since their origin in the 2000’s, a major position in the promotional sector because of their effectiveness. The USB stick, of all promotional goods, will be used the longest. So, a premium USB stick with logo is worth A LOT in terms of brand reach and brand awareness, because they will take it everywhere! So, would you like to give your relations a nice gift? Print custom USB sticks with your logo.

USB flash drive printing: a convenient gift for any target group

If you are looking for a handy gift, a USB stick with print is always a good choice. From students to business professionals, everyone needs a USB flash drive to store files. For giving a presentation, taking homework files or simply as a physical backup for files on the computer or in the cloud. Have your organization's or association's logo printed or engraved on a USB and give it away as a business gift!

In our range of the USB services are Custom PMS colors, USB stick security, packaging and data uploading.

Printed USB stick: various possibilities

As with all business gifts, the more you stand out, the greater the positive effect on your name recognition and brand recall. That is why it is always worth considering not going for a standard USB stick, but opting for a more striking variant. For example, you can opt for USB stick business gifts made of cork, cardboard or wood, with a durable look, or flash drives with a metal, more modern look. A real gadget is the USB stick in the shape of an airplane (or anything you wish for, using our 2D or 3D customization) and there are even ballpoint pens that serve as USB storage. If you want a photo or full color image to be printed, choose the flat creditcard.

Order your USB stick with print easily online

You can easily order your printed USB stick online. You can easily indicate what your wishes are regarding color, print and number. After receiving your order, we will send you a digital proof on which you can see what your printed USB stick will look like. After approval we will start the printing process. Do you have any questions or need more information? Then please contact us! We will be happy to provide you with personal advice.

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