10% Combi-deal

10% Combi-deal

Date 08-11-2016
Author: Kevin

Get a deal on two of our best-selling products; USB sticks & Power banks

Our core business has always been selling a wide range of USB sticks. But in the past year power banks began to take over a piece of the promotional market. Although, a lot of companies still have to take that first step into discovering how successful they can be. Therefore, we are offering our promo combination deal – A 10% discount on every order that includes USB sticks AND power banks.

Free choice of USB stick or power bank type

The ‘combi deal’ is for every combination you can think of. Although, we have selected a few options below to make things easier.

Cheap USB stick and power bank deal

If you have a tight budget, then you might want to consider going for the USB Twister and the power bank Standard.

Classy USB stick and power bank deal

If you have a bit more to spend, then consider the Cayman USB stick and the Power bank Slim Z2. Both products look very smooth and will definitely impress whomever.

Cheap and good quality products

Why not go for one cheap product and let the other be a classy and smooth item. Save on your budget by buying cheap USB Twister hand-outs, so you can experiment with good quality products for your elite target group. We highly recommend custom made power banks (or USB sticks), because this represents your brand the best and always brings a smile to the receiver’s face.

Combination deal packaging

If you want to give your clients, prospects or employees both of the promotional products, then consider our neat packaging. Your USB sticks and power banks will be placed inside a safe and stylish package, so it becomes a fancy (business) gift.


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