All Sky diving clubs; listen up!

All Sky diving clubs; listen up!

Date 01-08-2017
Author: Kevin

You want to give your customers the best time of there life right? Well consider the fact that they might miss out on the fun of watching the footage back wherein they fly like superman/woman. Make sure you record their experience and give them the footage on an USB-stick on their way out. They will love the service!


Which USB-stick capacity should you choose



In the above image you can see which USB-stick will suit your organization the best. A small capacity per USB-stick will probably be sufficient for providing your customers with a video of their own sky diving experience. But that of course depends on how long the trip (and video) takes. A business trip for instance, probably will take up more than a couple of hours. If you would want to give them a recap of the day on an USB-stick, you might want to consider a larger capacity.


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