Have a techy new year!

Have a techy new year!

Date 12-12-2018
Author: Jildou

It’s almost time for the most festive holidays, Christmas and New year’s eve! Give it a little more time and we (hopefully) will be enjoying snow, ice to skate on and mulled wine when you’re done. We speak from experience when we tell you, it is also a busy time for USB-sticks, everyone is placing their last orders and it can get pretty busy. But no worries, we offer a range of USB-sticks that can be delivered within 3 days of approving the digital sample! Of course with printing, engraving or just as they come. We also offer the option of personalising your USB-stick, all within 4 days delivery time.

The Twister

Het twister model is recognised by its simplicity and smooth design. Despite its smaller size, your logo will always fit perfectly. The Twister is available in different colours and capacities for a very reasonable price.

The Key

This USB-stick looks like a key and is made to be carried everywhere on your keychain. The fun thing about this products is, that we offer printing and engraving for the same price. Might we add, engraving is always the best option, because your logo will not wear down over time.

The  Oasis

Sustainable USB-sticks are a big part of our assortment nowadays. The oasis has a square design and is made from bamboo material. With this USB-stick you are sure to be very environmental friendly.

The Slim Z2 Powerbank

Besides our big range of USB-sticks, we also offer quite some Powerbanks. One of our most popular Powerbank is the Slim Z2. This Powerbank has a 4000mah capacity for a very affordable price. Order now and receive it within 3 days!

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