Late summer tunes – Bluetooth speakers

Late summer tunes – Bluetooth speakers

Date 13-09-2017
Author: Kevin

We have entered the late summer month September, which means you have probably seen a lot of your favorite artists in the past few months. Most likely, your partners and clients have too. How about enjoying your favorite festival moments again with our brand new Bluetooth speakers. Let those late summer beats go!

Rain Box (waterproof)

Finally, you can listen to music while you are taking a shower! The Rain Box is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about killing your speaker even when it gets soaking wet. It sticks to a glass or tile surface with a suction cup and you can easily hit the navigation buttons on the top of the box. Next to playing music, you can also take calls with it.


Touch box

Ready for our awesome Back to the Future speaker? We call it the Touch box, because that is the only thing you have to do to let it work its magic. Press the top of the box and it will move out of its shell, just to produce a whopping 360 degrees wind of sound.


Atlas Speaker

This good looking cylinder shaped speaker is perfect to carry around in your bag. Go to the park, beach or anywhere else that you would enjoy some light music and the Atlas Speaker will work like a charm.


Selfie Box

This Bluetooth Speaker is multi-functional. Next to lighting up the atmosphere with great music, it can also connect to your phone and function as a remote control for taking pictures. Ring it to your keychain so you will always have it with you when you need it. Yes, it is that small. Don’t be fooled by its size though, it is still packed with a nice beat.


Monitor Box

The Monitor Box is one of our most powerful music speakers. It can reach above 85db and play for about two full hours. The blue tooth signal is strong up until 10 meters from the box.


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