Order your Christmas give away goods now to save money

Order your Christmas give away goods now to save money

Date 17-10-2017
Author: Kevin

Every year we know a lot of our clients buy their Christmas give away goods a few weeks before the 25th of December. In this article we strongly suggest ordering your products in the following weeks so we can transport them by train. This saves you money on transport!


First rail service China-Netherlands launched in 2016

Last year the first rail shuttle between China and the Netherlands was a fact. CDiRS, a Chinese rail operator, and its Dutch partner Rail Port Brabant collaborated to fire up the service. In June 2016 the first train arrived and since then Chengdu-Tilburg-Rotterdam-Express is in full throttle. At the moment it is a weekly service, but as the Port Of Rotterdam promise themselves on their website, it is to run 5 times a week at the end of this year.


The whole trip costs the train 15 working days to reach the port of Rotterdam. Then all the onboard products need to be unloaded, declared and shipped to their addresses in Europe. So take into account that after mass production, your products will be with you in about 4 weeks.


Christmas give away goods transported by train

If you are interested in getting special Christmas give away goods this year, like branded power banks or speakers, then you can save money if you transport them by train. All products with batteries inside are expensive to transport by air. Transportation by train can save you 30-40% of your transport price.


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