Personalised power bank Slim Z

Personalised power bank Slim Z

Date 05-08-2016
Author: Kevin

Personalised powerbank; I choose you!

The Pokémon hype has been going on for several at at weeks now and it is reaching the point of being sheer crazy. Or shouldering we say brilliant? Kids (up to 30 years old) are running around outside instead of inside sitting in front of a computer. An Important element of the game is to walk, run or cycle a lot, to catch (or hatch) as many Pokémon as you can. Exercise is actually mandatory to complete the game.

While the game is gaining Popularity every day, companies are finding ways to get in on the success of it, and it's working too. Restaurants offering free drinks if you can catch a Pokémon during dinner and other retail businesses organize a whole day Pokémon to gain awareness.

So how can you make a profit out of it?


Strong personalized Power banks

With all that running around and playing games on phones, batteries are going flat faster and faster. That is exactly why the power bank market has spiked in the last few weeks. With a strong power bank, phones will last for days while playing Pokémon.


Power Bank with logo

Red Bull & Tag Heuer

Two big players; Red Bull & Tag Heuer teamed up for a promotional campaign and gift away thesis neat aluminum power banks withtheir logo on it. Nicely packaged, theywere a big hit on a watch fair in Switzerland.


Personalised packaging Power Bank

From 500 pieces we can providence very stylish packaging . Made of cardboard, thesis personalized attractions can be a great hit. They add great value to your product, Because it gives it more of an exclusive look.


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