Summer Items

Summer Items

Date 24-05-2018
Author: Keisha Henry

Bring the party with you with Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are a sure-fire way to make sure that the party always follows you regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. Available in a range of colours, styles and functions, models such as the Regen Box have a suction cup and sticks to a glass or tile surfaces and it is water-resistant, so it can be used in the shower. The Touch Box directs its music 360 degrees, so that the sound is evenly distributed over the room. A personal favourite of mine, the Selfie Box can be paired with a telephone and function as a remote control to take pictures with. These three models, among other great speakers offered by Usbstick-producer are creative, and moreover, small and convenient ways to bring music with you wherever you go and be the life of the party. As promotional gifts they are just the the items a growing or startup company can give to clients so that their brand and fun times are permanently linked!

Look great while you sweat with custom Smart Watches

Smart watches have increased in popularity over the last few years with companies like Apple, Fossil and Samsung all creating their own version. But what do they lack? Simply put, customization. That’s where Incentive Europe comes in. We offer two types of watches-Venture Watch (rectangular interface) and Dynamic Watch (circular interface). The beauty of these models is that they come with a printable surface spanning the full length of the wristband, so you can be as creative or crazy as you like! As a single entrepreneur or conglomerate, brand recognition and expression are great ways to reach a target audience and connect with your clients. It’s an exciting new product being offered at Incentive Europe that we are looking forward to providing for our fast-growing clientele.

Stress relief and LED lights? Our Hand Spinners have both!

All the rage in 2017, the Hand Spinners can be an ideal gift to your customers. Thanks to the stainless steel, the quality of the product is guaranteed and can last for years. Stress relief is now more fun than ever! With the option of a regular Hand Spinner or one with LED lights, each comes with the option of custom branding, so your employees, customers and target audience can affiliate stress relief and fun with your company and corporate identity. You will be surprised at how handy, effective and fun looking this product is. It’s sure to be a hit with clients and partners.

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