Meet our dedicated account managers

Meet our dedicated account managers

Date 23-06-2017
Author: Kevin
Category Our incentive

What does really set us apart from competition?

The answer is simple: the values of our account managers. Our one true competitive advantage is that we build a relationship with our clients. The main goal of our account managers is effective communication. We appreciate your company and aim at providing you with the option that suits best to your brand. This means that it is extremely important for us to achieve your goals and priorities and also make sure that your expectations are met in the best way possible.

To make all these things happen, our account managers:

  • Provide you with all the necessary information about our products and services
  • Send you a price list so that you have a detailed overview of the costs of our products and services
  • Are always eager to let you know about all the options available and give you the best solutions if you need to specify any details regarding your order
  • Create mock-up designs of USB-sticks or power banks with your own logo
  • Keep you updated with the shipping dates.

Our service is excellent because we maintain great relationships with our clients. We believe that respect is the key to every interaction in our company. In order to achieve that, we always take your wishes and feedback very seriously.

It's simple; your success is our success.

We train all our account managers to have the right mindset and treat every client with the upmost respect. Besides this individual dedication, if anything comes up, they can always rely on a team that back him or her up to ensure every situation is handled the best way. Moreover, we only consider our projects to be successful if the products have been a success for our clients.


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