5 Unique ways to use a USB-stick

5 Unique ways to use a USB-stick

Date 07-11-2018
Author: Jildou

We are all aware of the standard ways to use a USB-stick, to store and transfer information. But what if we told you there are many more ways you could use all those USB-sticks stored in your drawer at work or the ones spread out through your whole house.

We have explored 5 unique ways to use your USB flash drive to give them more purpose.

1.   Run Google Chrome on a USB flash drive.

Google Chrome comes in two versions, the standard version that you install on your computer and a second version that can be installed on a flash drive. This second version is called Google Chrome Portable and does not need installation, hence why it is perfect to be carried on a USB-stick. By using this portable Google Chrome you will not have to share your web browser with anyone else. Keep your passwords and data safely stored on your own portable web browser. Google Chrome Portable can be downloaded here, portableapps.com will also provide you with a guide to set up your google chrome on your flash drive.

2.   Scan for viruses

Are you suspecting a malware on your computer, this is the time where you get out a USB-stick and fix the problem by using portable spyware like Emsisoft, Spybot, or to prevent viruses ClamWin. Each one of these programs are suitable for your flash drive.

3.   Go incognito

Tails is a program you can install on a USB-stick or DVD, it will let you browse anonymously while active. To be able to install this app, you will have to initially use two usb sticks, but our experience is, that almost anyone has at least two usb-sticks in their possession. It might seem a little involved but Tails will walk you through the whole installation. When using this program you will be able to use the internet anonymously, leave no trace and encrypt your files and messages.

4.   Use it as a key to your computer

Turn your usb stick into a key, by using Predator software. Predator will make your usb stick function as a lock and unlock device. Insert the usb-stick, run Predator and use your computer as normal. When you need to leave the computer, simply take out the usb stick, your keyboard and mouse will be disabled and the screen will darken. On return, you simply insert the USB again and the everything will be restored.

Tip: it can also be used for children, manage screen time, set up specific rules per user and remove the usb when needed.

5.   Make a “dead drop”

This last “way” of using a usb is more of a fun, inspiring trend. A “dead drop” is used by spies as a way to pass on secret information. The artist Aram Bartholl has started a movement, where people would upload their favourite art, film, photos etc on a flash drive and embed these flash drives in random places like walls, trees, curbs etc. All these places need to be accessible to the public for this movement to work. This way everyone can share their thoughts and favourite things when they encounter a “dead drop”. A fun way to connect. Check out how to install your own “dead drop”.

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