Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Date 04-01-2017
Author: Kevin

What is going on?

Another Chinese holiday is coming up really soon; The Chinese New Year! So it is time to plan our USB and power bank order for January and February now!

How frustrating it can be for Western economy, all production in China will come to a complete halt. In a period of roughly two weeks the Chinese go back to their families and celebrate the beginning of a new year.

What do you have to do?

1. Place your order in time

Chinese New Year’s Day is on the 28th of January, but the celebrations go on a full week before and after that date. Although, to avoid any delays, we advise all orders to be placed before the 9th of January.

2. Keep moving forward

Our account mangers are well aware of the Chinese holidays and will try to keep things tight. When a request is placed they will contact you immediately and process your wishes as fast as possible. The sooner you reply to their questions, the easier you will meet the deadline.

3. Enjoy your USB-sticks and/or power banks

It is that easy!


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