Get ready for the festive season

Get ready for the festive season

Date 10-09-2019
Author: Jildou

Next to USB-stick producer we have started Loopper. Here we offer over 6000 promotional products that can be branded with your logo. To give you a clear view of what we could mean for your company and the upcoming holiday season, we have selected the 4 most important festivities and seasons for promotional opportunities.

Autumn giveaways

Fall is known for its colourful nature, where leaves take on warm colors from red to yellow. Hot chocolate milk can be found all around and the weather is unpredictable. To make sure you and your co-workers are prepared for the rainy days, we can help you with finding the right product for your company. This could be a classic umbrella, but also a nicely branded travel mug to keep warm.  

Christmas 2019

Christmas is nearing fast, before you know it, the Christmas trees are up, the Christmas music can be heard everywhere and we stock up on glühwein. We gladly already start preparing for this holiday! Our account managers and marketing team have been having brainstorm sessions and conducted a lot of research on this year’s relevant and favorite products. Are you in need of productsyou’re your Christmas party, of are you looking to create a Christmas gift box? We can help you with almost everything.

Winter giveaways

Winter, our coldest season, but also the most festive season of them all! Families coming together friends reuniting over thanksgiving and everyone is getting ready for the new year. Winter needs should be taken seriously, that’s why we have already started on selecting our best products for the winter of 2019. With beanies, warm jackets, scarves, gloves especially made to use on touch screen (while keeping you warm) and travel mugs that keep your drink hot, we are ready to get you ready for the cold!

Branded corporate gifts

We can barely believe that we are on our way to enter the new 20’s! The year 2019 has been tumultuous, fun and inspiring for us. We hope you have a lot of good memories about this year, as we do. The end of the year is always a good moment to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Might it be with a small memorable gift or a very personal gift that will stay with people for a long time. We are happy to help you find that perfect gift to show your appreciation.

More inspiration

All of our account managers are on standby to help you find what you need. Whether you are looking for Fall products or are already preparing for Christmas, we are ready to help! Contact our account managers directly on +31 (020) 5045713 or make a request through our website.

Social media

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