How to avoid marketing mistakes

How to avoid marketing mistakes

Date 12-04-2018
Author: Keisha Henry

For my first blog post, I would like to give you some advice on how to get the best promotional goodies for your campaign and avoid some marketing mistakes. When your company sets up a budget for the promotion department, you must take into consideration multiple factors. But the most important is, what are the mistakes you must avoid?

You don't know your goals

Before starting a promotional campaign, you must know where your company is going. What are your goals? What do you want to achieve with these promotional goodies? Usually, companies would like to extend their customer base. By providing goodies with the company's logo or name on them, the client can remember the brand quickly and be reminded of your company through further use of the item/device you have given them as part of your promo.

Once your company becomes a subtle but regular part of the clients' life, you facilitate a chance to hear from them for future purchases. Having a clear vision of your company, its goals, and your current/prospective clients will translate into the types of products you choose for promotion. In turn, your client will have a clear representation of your company when using your promo items.


You don't know your target

After setting your goals, you must define to whom you want to sell. For example, are you a B2B company? A B2C? Or both? To identify your target, you must do a survey or market research to understand your potential clients clearly. This information is crucial to meet the needs of clients. Keep in mind that your audience is the most critical source of revenue for your company.

You have chosen the wrong item

On the market, there is a wide range of promotional items. So, how can you find the perfect match among all the goodies? When you have a sharp vision of your audience and its needs, your next step is to find the ultimate promo item that will make them do business with you. You must choose a product which is useful, trendy, and smart. Useful because a client can use it daily; stylish because he/she wants to have the brand new and latest product on the market; and smart because it integrates with your company's brand or values. If you don't find what you are looking for regarding promotional items, have a look at our catalogue of personalized goods, we may have the perfect match for your audience!

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