Chinese New Year is over

Chinese New Year is over

Date 22-02-2017
Author: Kevin

China’s dragon has withdrawn himself back to its den and the year of the rooster has begun. That means our factories are working full throttle again and our service is in tip top shape. Because we cannot wait until we can make you your best promotional goods ever, we would like to let you know that powerbanks are booming at the moment. To incent you to enquire about our full range we are giving away a special deal.

Save £8,- per USB cable OR buy 2000 mAh and get 2200 mAh for the same price!

Retail price of the USB cable is £8,99.

Our USB cables are suitable for all Android and iPhones. It can charge and transfer data to or from your phone. So if you are not sure what kind of phone the people that receive your good have, then this is the perfect gift. If you are still not interested in our 3 in 1 USB cables you can also choose the ‘more mAh for less’ option. Be aware that not all Powerbanks have this capacity. Take a look at our full range here. Take a look at our full range here.

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